Sandra McCracken - Songs of Comfort and Hope

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A webinar and Q&A with songwriter and author Sandra McCracken on singing, suffering, and comfort. 

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Sun of My Soul (Shine) 

Written by Kristyn Getty & Sandra McCracken

Sun of my soul, open my eyes
As morning fills the skies
You are the light guiding my ways
Through the shadows

Shine, shine
Shine, shine
Lighten the darkness oh sun of my soul

Sun of my soul, steady my gaze 
As daylight runs its race
Your Word is a lamp unto my feet
On this journey

You’re shining down on me
In the night, brighten my darkness
You’re shining down on me
In the night, lighten my darkness

Sun of my soul, rest for my heart
As nightfall calls the stars
You are my light, promise of peace
While I’m sleeping

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